Saturday, June 15, 2013

We Will Show Our Praise of God Forever

Today I read Psalms 79 where David tells God that we will show forth our praise of God forever.  I wonder if when the men of old were writing the scriptures if they really understood that their words would be immortalized for all time and untold generations would read them?  I daresay that Solomon didn't when he penned Song of Solomon!  But surely the prophets of old knew their words would be had by all mankind?  I know the prophets of the Book of Mormon did, as they were told that they were writing for the remnants of the House of Israel, especially the Lamanites.  What would it be like to have your words praising God being read by people thousands of years later?  I wonder if like Isaiah, Nephi, Moroni and others David saw our day and knew that people would have his words and that they would bring people closer to Christ?  That is my ultimate goal of writing this blog is that someone will read my thoughts and it will bring someone to God.  I hope and pray that it does.  Until tomorrow.

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