Thursday, June 6, 2013

David Had a Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit

Today I read Psalm 46 - 51, most of which were pretty similar to the other Psalms.  However, I enjoyed chapter 51.  I thought it was really neat how the prophets of old understood that the Lord does not delight in burnt offerings but rather wants a broken heart and a contrite spirit from each of us.  David understood what few others in Jerusalem seemed to understand.  The Law of Moses does not save man.  It only serves to point the people of Israel to the Savior of mankind who would in fact save man.  It is a broken heart and a contrite spirit that will save us.  That is because a broken heart and contrite spirit keep us humble and repentant and turn us towards the Lord.  It is only by becoming humble and repenting of our sins that we can be saved and become like God.  I had not remembered that there were Old Testament prophets that understood about a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  It makes me smile for some reason.  Until tomorrow.

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