Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Natural Man Tears Down Others

Today I read Psalms 56 where David talks about his enemies.  It made me think, why as humans when we dislike ourselves and our own predicaments do we tear down those who we perceive to be better than us?  Why does the natural man seek to destroy instead of create?  It's sad really, there is so much good in all of us.  When we see a brand new little baby, do we one day wonder what he or she will one day create?  Do we think that one day they might be the reason another human being hates their life because of our child?  I know when I look at my daughter, so full of life and loving to learn new things, I only have high hopes for her and am trying to instill in her the values of the Latter-day Saints and the Savior so that she will live a good life.  I want her to build up those around her and focus on the positive that she finds in others, not the negative.  It would be such a better world if we were more willing to talk out our problems and ask for help as opposed to internalizing it and coming to hate ourselves and trying to transfer it onto others.  Sadly though that takes a conscious choice that many of us just aren't willing to make.  Until tomorrow.

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