Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hate Evil

Today I read Psalms 93 - 97 and was struck by the phrase, "ye that love the Lord, hate evil".  It took me a moment or two to re-read it and make sure I understood that it was a command and not just a statement of fact.  We read other places in the scriptures that God cannot stand sin in the least degree of allowance.  If we one day hope to be as He is, we too need to not only avoid evil, but not even tolerate its presence.  We need to make sure that we hate evil as the Psalmist wrote.  I am there in some regard.  I can't stand how Americans all seem to drink alcohol, it sickens me.  I could do better in other areas though, I am not as offended by foul language as I ought to be.  But as I study the scriptures and make sure that I do what is right, little by little the Lord changes my very nature until I one day will be like He is.  And it starts with hating evil in all its forms.  We each make it there one day at a time as we endure to the end.  Until tomorrow.

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