Monday, June 3, 2013

The Commandments are Written on Our Hearts

Today I read Psalms 40 where David is speaking to the Lord.  One particular phrase stood out to me.  He said that he delights to do His will and that God's law is written upon his heart.  This is exactly how each of us needs to be.  If we want to become like God is, then we need to have His law written upon our heart.  We need to make living the commandments a joy.  We have all heard teenagers whine and state how the commandments stop them from doing what they want to and from having any fun.  This is not the attitude to have.  If we want to become like God is, then we need to have an attitude that the commandments are a blessing that help us become more like God and live them with gladness in our hearts.  As the brethren have said, the blessing of living the commandments is having more commandments, because they change us little by little and help us become more like He is, until we don't need the commandments any longer, rather we have become them.  Until tomorrow.

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