Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wait on the Lord's Time

Today I read Psalms 90 where David states that a thousand years are as yesterday to God.  And truly it is.  It is no wonder that God tells us things are but a small moment or that He knows the end from the beginning.  I have always been taught that time is a concept here on the earth.  That God gave Adam time as a reference point but that He himself does not use time like we do.  The best thing we can do it pray for understanding the way that God sees it so that we can be patient and wait on Him.  At times it can be hard, we want to be in control and do things for ourselves.  I wanted to be married very badly for many years and was told to be patient and that marriage was being withheld for a reason.  At the time I had never even thought that it might be because my future wife was too young to be married.  But wait I did and I am glad I did.  I could not imagine a better companion than my wonderful wife and if I had not listened to Him and waited on His time, it would never have happened.  If we trust in Him, we will never go wrong.  Until tomorrow.

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