Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cast Your Burdens On the Lord

Today I read Psalms 55 where David tells us to cast our burdens on the Lord and He will sustain us.  We are told over and over again in the scriptures that we should cast our burdens on the Lord, but no one ever tells us how exactly we are to cast our burdens on the Lord.  Although David gives us a hint in this chapter.  He tells us that he prayed morning noon and night and the Lord heard him.  In order to cast our burdens on the Lord we have to understand the Lord and know Him.  This requires work on our part, reading the scriptures, saying our prayers, making and keeping sacred covenants.  The more we live our lives in accordance with correct principles, the more He will assist and help us.  As we grow closer to Him and what He asks of us, He will help us shoulder our burdens so that they seem lighter and not so oppressive. 

I remember when I was a missionary I was saying around 10 prayers a day, perhaps more.  I was growing very close to the Spirit.  It was so easy to be good because I was certainly in the world but not of the world.  I was shunning everything that could possibly distract me.  As such, I found it easy to pray and talk with Heavenly Father and I found myself pouring out my heart to Him.  I would tell Him all about my day and how frustrated I was at whatever was bothering me at the time.  I would ask for help and then I would go on with my day or go to sleep.  I often found that when I woke up the next day, what was bothering me did not seem so oppressive any more.  I was able to go just a little bit further.  By praying and pouring out my heart and soul to God, I was casting my burdens at His feet.  He then was picking them up so I didn't have to.  He was helping me in the best possible way.  It is a skill that all of us need to learn if we are to avoid the trap of despair and self pity.  Until tomorrow.

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