Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Consider the Poor

Today I read Psalms 41 where David states that blessed are those who consider the poor.  In the book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price we are told that the people of Zion had 2 qualities.  They were one in heart and there were no poor among them.  Now some might foolishly read that statement and think that everyone in Zion had the same amount of wealth or the same high paying job and they would be wrong.  The only way for there to be no poor among a people, is for the people to care for the poor as they would for themselves.  To take care of the poor we need to first be on the look out for them.  We need to treat them with kindness.  We can also give generously to fast offering funds to take care of those in our ward and stake.  The bishop has been given keys and is entitled to revelation to help those in his ward or branch that need assistance.  And the way he gets the funds to do that is through fast offerings and other donations the ward makes.  We can all contribute even if just a little bit and the Lord expects us to. 

Just last General Conference President Monson asked us all to contribute to the general missionary fund as we can to help assist those that would like to serve a mission by might not be able to afford it.  All of these methods are assisting the poor.  I believe that the Lord will ask us what we have done when we see Him again to assist those who needed it that He put into our path.  We'd better have a good answer.  Until tomorrow.

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