Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lord's Mercy is Everlasting

Today I read Psalms 103 where the Psalmist states that the mercy of the Lord is everlasting to those that fear Him.  I've found that in reference to God, fear and reverence are synonymous.  God's mercy is open to all of us.  Yesterday in Elder's Quorum we talked about how God not only can forgive us, but He wants to forgive us.  We can sometimes fall into the trap that God is this stern figure that is upset with us because we cannot live up to His expectations.  But He really is our Father and He is standing there with His hand outstretched, ready to help us as we sink into the quagmire of sin, all we have to do is reach out and take it.  His greatest wish is for each and every one of us to return to live with Him.  I am quite sure it saddens Him greatly when we choose a different path just like it would sadden me if one day my daughter fell into sin.  But He loves us enough to let us choose for ourselves.  He truly is merciful.  Until tomorrow.

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