Monday, June 10, 2013

Evil is a Learned Behavior

Today I read Psalms 57 - 58 where David seems to imply that bad people are bad from the start, that they are born that way.  I don't agree.  According to revelation, all children are innocent before God until 8 years old.  If that is true, then surely all men and women are born innocent and wickedness is a learned trait.  Children are like sponges, they soak up everything that is around them.  Just today my daughter came into my room and wanted to say a prayer, when I asked her if she wanted to say it she promptly closed her eyes, folded her arms and started saying a prayer.  Among the deluge of words I could not understand I clearly heard her say, bless grandfather, meemaw, grandpa, and g-ma, something I always say in her night time prayers with her.  At 2 years old she had picked up that I pray for our family.  Now, if I were someone who beat up other people, or stole things or generally was wicked, what do you think she would have learned by 2 years old?  She would have imitated what she had picked up from me.  But anyone who needs to know that babies are innocent need only to look at a brand new baby and the innocence in their eyes and face as they look around at this new world.  No, evil is not born, it is a learned behavior, no question about it!  Until tomorrow.

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