Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Treat Women with Dignity

Today I read Psalms 42 - 45 which more or less all talk about the same things we have been talking about so far.  However a phrase stood out to me in chapter 45, Hearken O' daughter and consider and incline thine ear.  He speaks of the beauty of women and fine clothes afterwards, but it makes me wonder about women and how we treat them.  Jacob in the Book of Mormon teaches us that the Lord delights in the chastity of women, but it is quite clear that our culture does not.  We are a culture, in America, that delights in the debasing of women, the sexualizing of their bodies, the degrading of them as people and the list goes on and on. 

As parents of daughters, if we are ever going to change this trend we have to teach our children how to respect women and treat them as the sacred daughters of God that they are.  Because they certainly won't get that message from the world.  It is perhaps even more important that we teach our sons this lesson than to teach our daughters, for while it is important that our daughters respect themselves and demand respect from others, I firmly believe all men will be asked by our Heavenly Father when they meet Him how they treated His daughters.  Women are special, sacred daughters of Him who is on High and they should be treated with respect and dignity.  Anything else will result in very unpleasant conversations with our Creator.  Let's not put ourselves in that situation and in fact let's help change how the world treats women all together by treating them better ourselves!  Until tomorrow.

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