Sunday, June 16, 2013

God Judgeth Among the Gods

Today I read Psalms 80 - 82 and I was stuck how David says God judgeth among the gods.  It would seem that in the days of the Old Testament and Jesus Christ, it was understood that we had the potential to become like God is.  It appears that this is knowledge that was lost in the apostasy.  Now a days the only people I know of who actively believe they can become like God is, are Latter-day Saints.  There are other religions who believe they can become like God, but don't recognize that is what they are believing, like Buddhism.  But only Latter-day Saints have an understanding of what comes after this life and gives me any kind of answer other than we go to heaven or hell.  No one can seem to tell me what happens once we get to heaven or hell.  Latter-day Saints are the only ones that have an answer for what happens next.  We continue on, line upon line until we become as God is.  It is a great thing to strive for.  Until tomorrow.

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