Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Predisposed to Righteousness

Today I read Psalms 63 and a phrase stood out to me, "my soul followeth hard after thee".  It got me thinking, are some people predisposed to righteousness and others to wickedness?  I know that we each of us have our weakness and so it is easier to obey some commandments than others, but do we have people that it is easier to be righteous for them than it is for others too?  I personally really enjoy living a righteous life.  I look around me and see how America is drowning in a sea of alcohol and smut and it sickens me.  Now is that conditioning or was I predisposed to feel that way? 

I have heard people talk about how their entire life they felt like something was missing inside of them until they found the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Typically such people try everything to fill the void and nothing works, not sin of various kinds, not other religions.  Only righteousness and the Gospel of life fill it.  So to answer my own question I think there are those people predisposed to righteousness and if so I guess the opposite would be true also.  There are those that are predisposed to wickedness for some reason.  I think I definitely fall into the former group though.  I certainly have my weakness and challenges, however it has always been easy to follow most of the commandments, and a joy to do so.  Until tomorrow.

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