Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fasting Qualifies for Blessings

Today I read Psalms 64 - 69 and I was struck how David states he chastened his soul with fasting.  I will freely admit that I have never really felt the power of fasting in my life.  I have not found it overly useful in my life.  Now, the issue could be my own.  I may not be fasting appropriately.  But the scriptures state that there is strength to be found in fasting and it can even work miracles.  There is also the idea that fasting will give us mastery over our physical bodies.  We qualify for blessings when we make sacrifices.  Heavenly Father blesses us because He loves us but according to the scriptures, we have to obey the principles to qualify for those blessings.  And we are told that through fasting we will be blessed by God and gain knowledge.  So the idea is if we want to be blessed and receive the benefits of fasting, we have to fast appropriately.  Until tomorrow.

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