Friday, January 31, 2014

The Lord is Displeased with Ephraim

Today I read Hosea 12 and I can honestly say I am very glad that the Lord is not talking to me in this chapter.  He is not pleased with Ephraim and is not shy about showing it.  I do not know the history of Hosea but I think he must have lived after Israel split into the two factions with the 10 tribes in the northern kingdom and Judah and Dan I think it was, in the southern kingdom in Jerusalem.  Hosea's prophecies all seem to do with Ephraim and does not really seem to focus on any of the other tribes.  That seems curious to me.  I don't know why that is and wonder why the Lord would have Hosea focus so heavily on that 1 tribe?  Perhaps that is Hosea's tribe?  I'm not really sure.  Whatever the reason, it is clear that the Lord is NOT pleased with Ephraim at this point in time, not at all.  Until tomorrow.

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