Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Lord Gives Extra Chances

Today I read Ezekiel 35 where the Lord explains to other nations how He will destroy them because of how they have treated Israel, His chosen people.  I definitely understand this mentality.  It's much the same as when I am talking to my 3 year old calmly explaining why she is being punished, how she made her own choices and had the opportunity to change what she was doing.  She does not always make wise choices, nor does she change the behavior when told to.  Adults are no different and will often continue to make wrong choices even when told exactly what to change.  Just like I love my daughter and will give her chance after chance, the Lord will give the His people more chances than justice requires because He loves them.  It's nice to know for when we make mistakes, but some days I wish He was a little less merciful with the wicked.  I guess I should be grateful He loves them enough to let them change.  Until tomorrow.

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