Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daniel's Vision Ends

Today I read Daniel 11 and 12 where Daniel's vision continues.  As I was reading I was struck by some of the language and I know that most visions the prophet is shown the events and they come up with the wording to write it down on their own.  But I couldn't help wonder as I was reading these chapters if Daniel was given the words to say.  For example he states in one verse that news from the north troubles a king.  What would that even look like in a vision?  I assume Daniel can hear as well as see in this vision and most likely given the give of tongues, at least temporarily, to understand what is being said.  I just cannot help but wonder again, what must it be like to be shown something in vision.  I think if I ever was shown something in a vision, I would prefer to have a guide like Nephi did, to help me understand and make sure that I was correctly understanding what I was seeing.  I think it would probably be a little scary too.  So it would be a comfort to have someone to share it with.  But I most likely will never have a vision of my own so I don't have much to worry about.  Until tomorrow.

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