Thursday, January 23, 2014

Listen When God Speaks

Today I read Hosea 4 where the Lord tells the Israelites of their sins.  I remember thinking this when I was reading the Doctrine and Covenants that I would not want my sins broadcast to the whole world like that.  But it would be nice to have the Lord tell me who to avoid when I am deciding on my friends.  I wonder if when God talks to His prophets like this and tells them that His people are sinning if some of the people wake up and make changes in their lives?  Probably not, but perhaps for some of them it is the wake up call that they need.  I know I would listen up if I knew God was talking directly to me.  That's why I always study General Conference talks, because I know that they are messages meant for me.  We should all listen up when God speaks.  Until tomorrow.

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