Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Israelites are Very Concerned with Where They Live

Today I read Ezekiel 36 where the Lord talks about Israel being restored to their lands.  This is a very popular topic in the Old Testament I have found.  The Israelite culture seems very concerned with land and inheritances.  Different cultures have different values I suppose.  To me it does not matter where I live so long as I have my family with me, but to other people, it is important where they live.  They don't feel they are home unless they are on the land of their ancestors.  And it's not just the Israelites who feel this way, other cultures around the world are very concerned with their ancestral lands too.  It would be interesting to see if perhaps those other cultures that are so concerned with land and inheritance have some of the ten tribes in them.  I suppose it's another one of those things I'll find out one day.  Until tomorrow.

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