Friday, January 17, 2014

Daniel is Shown Yet Another Vision

Today I read Daniel 9 where he is shown yet another vision, this one appears to me based on what is being shown him and the dates given him, seems to be about the final destruction of Israel by Rome in 70 A.D.  It makes me wonder why Daniel is being shown all these visions and if the people who live in the time frames that he was shown paid attention to the prophecies that concerned them.  I suspect that some did and some didn't.  After all, how many people pay attention to the prophecies that have to do with right now?  Not nearly enough that's for sure.  I suspect that it was the same back then.  Some listened and took precautions, but most did not.  I wonder if Heavenly Father is saddened by this fact or resigned to it?  Perhaps neither.  He does know everything from the beginning to the end so He already knows who is going to believe and who won't.  I would imagine that the main feeling He has towards His children through is sadness.  Let's make sure we are not contributing to His sadness.  Until tomorrow.

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