Monday, January 13, 2014

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Today I read Daniel 6 which is the famous story of Daniel being thrown into the lion’s den.  As I was reading this chapter today the thought occurred to me.  Was God honoring Daniel’s faith by keeping him safe from the lions, or Darius’ faith?  I ask that because as Daniel was being taken into the lion’s den, Darius told Daniel that his, Daniel’s, God would protect him.  That is great faith!  Darius spent the night in fasting, and I’m sure prayer, to God in order to secure the safety of Daniel.  Now, I’m sure Daniel was doing some heavy duty praying too, however, I think the Lord chose to spare Daniel not because of his own faith, but rather because of the faith Darius was showing and the good Darius would be able to do in all of his kingdom with that faith.  How many people were brought to the knowledge of the truth because Darius was converted?  We know from the Book of Mormon that the Lord will allow the blood of innocents to be spilt as a testimony against the wicked.  So the only thing that makes this story unique is that more good was done by sparing Daniel, than would have been accomplished if God had allowed him to become a martyr.
I also find it sad, and strange that Darius would punish not just the men who had conspired against Daniel, but he also fed their wives and their children to the lion’s den.  I mean if I were to go out today and rob a bank, get caught and sent to jail, they would not throw my wife and daughter in with me!  So why would Darius do such a thing?  I honestly don’t know why he would do that.  Similarly in the Book of Mormon Amulek states their just law would not condemn a man’s brother in place of the man that committed the crime.  It seems like an overly harsh and cruel thing to do and I’m honestly surprised that Daniel did not put a stop to it.  It seems to me that there is more to the story that we will find out someday I think.  Until tomorrow.

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