Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ephraim Will Be Scattered

Today I read Hosea 7 where the Lord tells the Israelites that Ephraim will be spread out through the people of the world, or strangers, as God puts it in the chapter.  I sometimes wonder why the tribe of Ephraim is the one that is prevalent in the world.  I'm sure it probably has to do with the blessing that Jacob gave to Ephraim, Joseph's son.  But you would think that of all the members in the church who have received their patriarchal blessings that there would at least be some who are of other tribes.  It's just one other of those questions that I will some day know the answer to.  Whatever the reason, I wonder what the Ephraimites thought when they were told this.  Did they believe it?  Did they scoff at what surely seemed to them just one more foolish prophecy from a would be prophet?  What did they think when they realized the truth of such things?  Were they repentant?  Did they sorrow?  I wonder if we will ever know in this life?  Until tomorrow.

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