Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nebuchadnezzar is Compelled to Be Humble

Today I read Daniel 4 where King Nebuchadnezzar is shown a vision of himself being cast down and losing his mind and thinking he is an animal.  He thinks he is an animal for seven years and then finally he regains his sanity and praises God before he dies.  God will have a humble people or they will be compelled to be humble!  It is a shame that so many people try the patience of God and force Him to take steps and compel them to be humble.  I wonder why we as mankind have such a hard time doing the right thing? 

I know it all comes down to the natural man, but you would think that when we are shown so many signs and wonders that we would be more prone to do what is right.  Of course, we only need to look at Laman and Lemuel to know that such thinking is faulty.  For some people, no matter what is done to them, they just will not change themselves and so God has to step in and change them.  I guess we just have to make sure that we are not compelled to be humble.  Because it does not seem fun at all!  Until tomorrow.

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