Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Daniel Eats Healthy

Today I read Daniel 1 where the king of Persia, Nebuchadnezzar, attacks Israel and carries off captive Daniel and his friends.  They are brought to the palace of the king and Nebuchadnezzar orders then to have a portion of his meat and his wine for 3 years.  Daniel asks to have foods other than meat and to not have wine.  He works out a deal with the chief eunuch of the palace to let them have the food Daniel requested for 10 days and then to see if they were healthier than the other children, which of course they were.

This story is, rightly so, considered to be a story about following the Word of Wisdom.  Daniel desire to eat his meat sparingly and to eat the foods that God has said is good for man.  Heavenly Father has taught us that we should eat meat sparingly and that we should eat grains, vegetables and fruits rather than indulge in fatty foods.  Heavenly Father has promised us in this age that if we eat the right foods we will have stores of wisdom and health.  This is proved with Daniel and his friends.  When we eat healthy, our bodies react appropriately.  Our minds are clear, we think faster and easier.  We can  have more energy, etc.  We should take Daniel's story as a success story and follow in his footsteps.

I remember when the Atkins diet first gained in popularity.  I was 22 years old and living with some friends out in Fresno, California.  The mother, father and daughter all decided to try this diet.  After a few days they quit it stating that they were not feeling very healthy or happy on it.  They also cited Daniel and how this diet is exactly the kind of diet he avoided.  And they were right.  Eating nothing but meat and no vegetables is not a good thing.  We can each of us have a testimony of this on our own if we desire.  All we have to do is try it out on our own and see the difference for ourselves.  Until tomorrow.

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