Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Tempt the Lord?

Today I read Hosea 10 where the Lord reminds Israel that they have made their own bed, or as He put it, plowed their own field.  He reminds them that they did not have a king as a way to set themselves apart from the other nations, however they begged and begged to have a king so He relented.  The story of the Israelites as well as the lost 116 pages of the Book of Mormon have certainly taught me not to tempt the Lord.  The Lord knows everything there is to know, He can certainly tell us the best course of action for each one of us.  If we will but listen, we will not be sorry.  It's only when we tempt the Lord and force Him to relent to our impetuous nature that we end up doing things we regret.  Just like teenagers who refuse to listen to the wisdom of their parents who have done this before and know the pitfalls that are out there, Heavenly Father can help us navigate the treacherous world if we will allow Him to help us and not tempt Him with our desires and things we think we want.  Until tomorrow.

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