Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Dead Sea Will Be Healed

Today I read Ezekiel 45 - 48 where the Lord continues to show Ezekiel His plans for the Israelites.  These chapters include lands to be portioned out to the various tribes as well as the ordinances of the temple.  All very important.  The cool part of this section though, is chapter 47 where Ezekiel is shown that the Dead Sea will be healed.  This prophecy has always intrigued me.  Why heal the Dead Sea at all?  It is a wonderful way to prove you are God and to have a prophecy fulfilled for sure, but is there another reason?  There are times that the Lord will do things to prove who He is, His conversation with Moses on Mount Sinai comes to mind, but most of the time, He has a purpose when He performs miracles like this.  It's very cool to think about honestly, but I don't know why it will happen.  I'm sure I will find out some day.  Tomorrow we start the book of Daniel and new ground for me.  I have never read beyond the book of Ezekiel before.  I have read the book of Jonah and Malachi, but that is all.  I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the Old Testament.  Until tomorrow.

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