Tuesday, January 28, 2014

God Shakes Up Israel

Today I read Hosea 9 where the Lord tells Israel that everything is not all right.  At first glance this looks a little strange until you think about it.  How often have you been going along thinking everything is good and ok?  It's not until something comes along t shake things up that we realize we were not doing ok or doing what we are supposed to be doing.  It's rare that God would do this shaking up Himself.  I would imagine that most of the time He just allows us to have the consequences of our own actions shake us up.  And most of us have many natural consequences since we are not exactly the most on track as a people.  We are constantly facing temptations, fortunately, it is what we do with those temptations that matter, not that we have them.  Satan tries to make us think that just because we have temptations we are unworthy, but this is a falsehood.  Everyone, even our beloved prophet have temptations.  It's what we do in response to them that is important.  Until tomorrow.

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