Saturday, January 25, 2014

Like the Morning Fog, It is Gone By Afternoon

Today I read Hosea 6 and I really like the imagery that God uses in this chapter as He laments the house of Ephraim and Judah.  He states that their righteousness is like the morning fog.  It is gone by afternoon.  I thought that was both very apt and good imagery.  We all know by now that ancient Israel was not good at keeping the commandments.  I can imagine God sitting there wondering what He was to try and do in order to get them to wise up and do a He asked of them.  It must be very like a school teacher trying to figure out how to reach a set of troublesome students that did not want to learn and do everything they can to disrupt the class.  The difference though is that God knows perfectly well what He would need to do in order to get them to repent and do what is right.  But He will never violate agency and will always allow us to make our choices, even if they are very poor choices.  Until tomorrow.

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