Monday, January 27, 2014

Act on the Light You Have

Today I read Hosea 8 and as I was reading, I wondered if some of the people of the time thought they were doing the right thing.  I mean, where there people that didn't know any better because they had been taught inappropriately by their leaders?  People in the time of Jesus Christ had trouble recognizing Him because the pharisees had so perverted the law and the doctrine that they didn't even recognize their own Savior.  It would be very similar to my wife describing me to my daughter completely incorrectly.  My daughter would then never recognize me.  Now, the Holy Ghost was still testifying of truth to the people when the Savior was there, of this I am pretty certain.  The story of the two disciples speaking with Jesus after His resurrection when they talk about their hearts burning within them as they walked and talked shows this fact.  So not all the blame can be placed on the leaders, the people have enough blame to go around also.  In the end, we are all responsible for ourselves to act on the light and knowledge that we do have.  The people of Hosea's day are no different.  Until tomorrow.

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