Sunday, January 12, 2014

Learn From Other's Mistakes

Today I read Daniel 5 where Nebuchadnezzar's son makes poor choices and the Lord takes his kingdom away.  It is sad really to see so many people not learn from other's mistakes, they seem to always make their own.  I have always tried to watch those around me, especially those closest to me, to see what they do.  If they get good results from what they do, then I try and emulate them, but far too often, I see them do things they should not be doing and so they end up with results that are less than pleasant.  My brothers growing up did not make good choices.  As a result, I avoided a lot of heartache and pitfalls that could have hindered me in my growing up because I had examples of what to avoid.  I had plenty of good examples too, but sadly it seems most of the examples I had from friends and some family, was what to avoid.  I am glad I learned from them though and did not have to discover for myself just how bad some mistakes can be.  Until tomorrow.

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