Saturday, January 18, 2014

Daniel Sees the Savior

Today I read Daniel 10 where Daniel sees the Savior in a vision.  What a wonderful treat that is!  I am very envious of Daniel and those who have seen the Savior of the world in this life.  It is possible for everyone to have this highest of honors, if they live appropriately.  Joseph Smith taught that it is possible to receive the second comforter, which is Jesus Christ, and have your calling and election made sure.  To do so however, one must live the kind of life the Savior would live if He were here on the earth today.  It is up to us what kind of life we want to lead.  We don't have to participate in the filth and horror that surrounds us.  We can choose a better way.  It is a choice that is made each and every day by the things we choose to spend our time on.  I can see it happening in my life.  Things that used to be so important to me, as I grow closer to the Spirit, are growing less and less important.  I still enjoy them on occasion, but I find I would rather search the scriptures, or listen to General Conference talks instead.  My very nature is changing, and I am very happy about that!  Until tomorrow.

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