Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ephraim Returns to God

Today I read Hosea 12 and 13 which continues expounding on the many sins of Ephraim and why he is being punished.  In chapter 13 it states that Ephraim will eventually forsake his ways and return to the Lord.  We are seeing that fulfillment now.  The Saints of Zion are turning to the Lord and being righteous.  Even though we are seeing an unprecedented amount of filth and degeneracy in our world, we are also seeing people turn to the Lord and doing what is right in waves.  We are like a lighthouse against the storm.  The winds howl and the sea rages, but we stand strong and true as beacons of light to the world.  Guiding lost souls back to safe harbors.  That is our purpose in the last days.  That is how we can best serve God in these troubling times.  Stand tall and be true.  Until tomorrow.

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