Friday, February 28, 2014

The Downfall of Nineveh is Prophesied

Today I read Nahum 2 and 3 which deal with the destruction of Nineveh.  I wondered while I was reading these chapters if Nahum was after Jonah, or before.  I would assume after since it seems this prophecy is not contingent upon them repenting, but rather is a given that it is going to happen.  It is always sad to read about the destruction of a people in the scriptures, even when I know it is justified.  Perhaps if we knew more about the atrocities they committed that would make it more easy to bear for me. 

For example I find no remorse in me for the city of Ammonihah in the Book of Mormon.  They burned the righteous women and children alive and cast out the men who believed Alma and Amulek.  I have no remorse in me for such people who would do this.  And part of me wants to believe it was only the men that were that wicked, but then I think of the ancient Romans and their Colosseum and the gladiators.  Women attended those games and cheered for blood to be spilled just like the men did. 

Sin is very infectious, including the most perverse and evil sins.  First we are offended, then we tolerate, and finally embrace.  We have to flee sin when it comes at us, no matter what, just like Joseph of Egypt did.  He saved his soul by refusing to sin, even if he suffered bodily for his righteous choice.  We need to choose what we want out of eternity and live our lives accordingly.  I know what I want and am living for it today and each day!  Until tomorrow.

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