Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Downfall of Edom is Prophesied

Today I read the book of Obadiah.  Obadiah, like so many before him, prophesies the downfall of a people, in this case the people of Edom.  Throughout history, or at least so we read in the scriptures, people have wanted to know the will of the Lord concerning them.  And yet, surprisingly, when they hear it, they reject it.  They call the prophet who is telling them the unhappy news, a false prophet.  Instead of changing their behavior to change their fate as the prophet tells them to do, they look for someone else to tell them that all is well and keep living as they see fit.  As if they know more than the Lord!  The brazenness of people never fails to astound me. 

About the only people who, as a whole, accept what the prophet tells them and changes their ways, are the people of Nineveh as recorded in the book of Jonah.  Everyone else in the scriptures seems to rationalize their sins by thinking that if God is upset with them, then there must be a problem with God.  I have honestly never understood how Satan managed to convince the world of that one.  It shows an utter lack of respect for God.  It is just one more reason that I am glad I found the church early and gained my testimony right away.  I was very lucky and I try very hard to not take my testimony for granted.  If only all people would do the same.  Until tomorrow.

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