Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ancient Israel Ignored the Signs from God

Today I read Amos 4 where the Lord points out the things He has done to the land of Israel because of their wickedness.  What is crazy to me is the fact that they don't repent, even after all of this.  If I saw rain all around me except on one particular field like the Lord says He did, I would start to wonder for sure.  It just amazes me how dense people can be.  And not just the ancient Israelites.  As we have stated in the past, people in this day and age overlook miracles that happen all around them.  They are there to be seen, but we are far more willing to write it off as coincidence in this day and age for some reason.  Does that mean that the people of ancient Israel would write it off as coincidence too?  That doesn't really seem like something the people of that time would do though.  From what I understand, the people of that day and age were very superstitious and always claiming something came from God.  But they did not repent, no matter what the Lord did to them.  Very sad indeed.  Until tomorrow.

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