Thursday, February 20, 2014

Micah Tells of the Destruction of Jerusalem

Today I read Micah 1 where the Lord prophesies of the downfall of Samaria and Jerusalem due to their wickedness.  It is sad how apparently the Israelites forgot all about the law of witnesses.  How the word will be established from the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses.  Well, the Israelites had about 100 witnesses and still they did not believe.  What is it about pride that blinds us to the truth?  Why is it that when we are full of pride the truth only angers us and causes us to lose ourselves even more in our incorrect ways?  It is only when we humble ourselves, or are compelled to be humble that we can see clearly again and see the truth.  It is sad that it requires such strong intervention at times from the Lord.  Sad that we will not choose to be humble and not puffed up.  Only we can make the choice to be humble though.  If we will make the choice, life will be much better for us though.  Until tomorrow.

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