Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Israel is Ripened in Iniquity

Today I read Micah 6 where the Lord tells Israel of their sins and how they have failed Him.  The way all of the prophets seem to condemn the entire people of Israel, it actually makes me wonder if there were any righteous people at all.  I know in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities that were destroyed with them, there were not even 10 people found among them all that were righteous.  So knowing the nature of God, I would think that there were certainly righteous people among the Israelites or they would have been destroyed.

It is very similar to General Conference today.  The vast majority of the talks over the years are about repentance and forsaking sin.  But that does not mean that everyone listening needs to repent and falls into that category.  Far from it.  Heavenly Father has taught through His prophets that a society generally chooses what is right.  It is only when a society chooses wickedly that they are ripe for destruction.  So, obviously Israel falls into that category now that I think about it.  They were wiped out multiple times by other civilizations.  I suppose that means that they were ripened in iniquity and ready for destruction.  I would say that is really sad, but then I look at our own society, spiraling out of control all the while proclaiming how progressive we are, skipping merrily on our way to hell.  It can happen to anyone, any society at any time.  Until tomorrow.

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