Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Be Anxiously Engaged

Today I read Amos 6 which tells us woe to those that are complacent.  It actually says something a little different but that is the meaning I took away from the scripture.  When we get complacent, we let things slide, things that should not be left undone.  Things like scripture study, church attendance, temple attendance, family prayer and scripture study, family home evening and all the other things we all know we should be doing.  It is usually, for most people any way, only when we feel a sense of urgency that we do all these things.  Now the sense of urgency can come from a need in our life, desire, or just plain stubbornness to do what we know we should be doing.  But all three of those reasons either create a real, or an artificial sense of urgency.  And either one is better than saying all is well in Zion.  We need to be anxiously engaged, like the scriptures tell us.  That is when we will be most happy and most safe from sin and deviance.  Until tomorrow.

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