Friday, February 7, 2014

The Lord's Patten for His People

Today I read Amos 3 where the Lord reveals His plan for communicating with His people.  He tells Amos that He does nothing until He has first told His prophets that it will happen.  Now, one of the things to remember about this prophecy, is that it does not have to be the current prophet He has told.  For example, the Lord tells Amos in a few more verses that there will be an apostasy later.  Amos lived hundreds of  years before the apostasy actually happened though.  So just because He has not told His current prophet to remind the people about it, does not mean the Lord has broken His pattern and done something without telling His prophets.  The Lord is constant and unchanging.  His word must be fulfilled and so if He says He will only do something after telling His prophets about it, you can be assured that is the way it is going to happen.  It is a great comfort knowing the Lord will never deceive us and will always follow His pattern.  Until tomorrow.

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