Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nahum Tells of the Savior's Second Coming

Today I read Nahum 1 which is another book in the Old Testament that I have never read before.  Nahum talks about the Second Coming of Jesus in this chapter.  He talks about how the wicked will not be able to abide His coming and even the hills will burn with the heat of His coming.  When I was younger, I used to think that God would smite the earth with fire as a result of its wickedness.  Now however I understand that the fire is a natural result of the Savior's righteousness on the wicked, including the world.  Right now the world is in a telestial state, which cannot abide Jesus' righteousness.  Therefore it will be cleansed, just like a blacksmith would do with metal he is working with.  It will be purified by fire.  I had a mission companion that used to say tithing was fire insurance, because the scriptures state that if we pay our tithing, we would not be burned at his coming.  I think he was more right than he knew.  If we wish to survive in the Savior's presence, we need to be righteous and live as He does.  There is no other way.  Until tomorrow.

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