Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Lord Will Have a Righteous People

Today I read Amos 2 where the Lord reminds the Israelites that while they are His chosen people, that does not give them license to do all sorts of evil and get away with it.  The Lord reminds them that the land was another people's before it was theirs and that the Lord will not always suffer the unrighteous to people His land and continue to sin.  Even though it is not the promised land, the land of Israel was promised to the Israelites and the Lord cleansed it of those who were there before them.  the Lord does not love the Israelites more than He does others, but because they were more righteous, to begin with, He allowed them to live there, to fulfill the promise He made to their fathers.  It is a great reminder for all of us.  We will not always have His Spirit to dwell with us if we do that which is wrong in His sight.  Until tomorrow.

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