Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Truth Can Be Hard to Accept Sometimes

Today I read Habakkuk 1 where the Lord reveals to Habakkuk that He will use the Chaldeans to punish Israel.  Habakkuk wonders how the Lord can use the wicked for His purposes.  I suppose it can be hard to wrap your head around the Lord using the wicked to punish the righteous since we know that God cannot tolerate sin with the least degree of allowance.  However, I personally have never had any trouble accepting this idea.  Perhaps it is because growing up I read the Book of  Mormon and knew that the Lord did this on a regular basis.  I'm not really sure, but to me, the Lord using the wicked to punish the righteous makes perfect sense.  I mean, He uses the righteous to punish the wicked, so why not the other way around?  I wonder if Habakkuk had access to the scriptures to see that the Lord has done this before?  I do know it can be very hard to swallow new concepts the first time we hear them.  It can take time and prayer to overcome the natural man who pushes against the knowledge.  But I am sure Habakkuk was able to come to terms with the knowledge.  He was a prophet after all.  Until tomorrow.

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