Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jesus is the Savior, a Reminder

Today I read Zechariah 5 and 6.  I went on to chapter 6 because honestly I could not make any sense out of chapter 5 at all.  I read it twice and it did not make any more sense to me the second time than it did the first time.  In chapter 6 Zechariah sees a vision of the Savior and is told that the Savior will reign forever.  Now, on the surface this might not seem like something big and noteworthy, however I think we all will agree that it is something everyone in the world needs to be reminded of, because I don't think too many people understand it any more.  They are too caught up in the things of the world and don't understand that Jesus is the Christ.  His word is law and the elements obey Him.  They are a lot more obedient than we are as a whole I might add!  When we stop and purposefully recognize Him as our Savior and our leader, we will be a lot better off.  Until tomorrow.

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