Saturday, March 22, 2014

We Have Wearied the Lord

Today I read Malachi 2 where the Lord tells Israel that they have wearied Him with their words.  They ask the prophets how they have done this and the Lord gives an interesting answer.  He states that they have wearied Him by calling those that do evil, good.  I have never thought of it before, but it makes perfect sense now that I have read it, that it would offend God that we would lie and speak falsehoods and propagate incorrect doctrine.  I wonder why I have never thought of it before now?  Not only are we causing the Savior to suffer more because of the Atonement and Him taking on all our sins, but also we are offending God by speaking such lies.  It gives me much to think on and has caused me to rethink my entertainment and what I classify as "good".  Until tomorrow.

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