Sunday, March 23, 2014

Through the Refiners Fire

Today I read Malachi 3 which is famous for its verses on tithing.  However another part interested me as I was reading it today.  I liked the part about the Lord refining Israel like He refines silver.  I read a story once awhile ago where some women who read the scriptures together wondered just what a silver refiner does.  So one of them found a metal worker and asked about the refining process of silver. 

She was told that silver is a very delicate metal and that when the refiner wants to burn out the impurities he has to watch it the entire time because it is very easy to ruin the metal if it is in the fire for too long.  She then asked the metal worker how he knew the silver was done.  Supposedly the worker smiled and said that he knew because he could see his reflection in the metal.  Knowing these things it is easy to see why the Lord uses this analogy.  I truly believe that when the Lord gives us trials to help us grow, He watches us to make sure if we need His help He is there for us.  And the part about seeing His reflection in us, well that is easy enough to understand. 

When we are going through our trials it can be very easy to lose sight of the goal and to get bogged down in the trial of the moment.  But it is wonderful to know that there is a plan and that God is looking out for us.  We are never alone.  The poem "Footprints in the Sand" is a wonderful poem that gives a good example of this principle.  When we rely on the Lord, He is always there for us!  We came here to grow and we can only do that through our trials and so He cannot protect us from everything, but He can help us and remind us that it is worth it and for a purpose.  Until tomorrow.

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