Sunday, March 16, 2014

Prophecies of the Savior

Today I read Zechariah 9 where the Lord speaks of His triumph over evil.  It is a shame that the Israelites did not understand the scriptures that they had.  I sometimes wonder if they read them personally or like the people during the middle ages, if they relied upon their priests to teach them the word of God.  Either way, they did not understand the scriptures and the prophecies of the Savior's coming. 

Some of them did.  For example in this chapter we read that the Savior will ride into Jerusalem on a colt.  This was fulfilled on palm Sunday, and most of the Jews in Jerusalem that day recognized Him for what He was, their Savior.  However, they still did not understand His mission at the time.  They assumed that He was going to throw off the rule of the Romans.  They did not understand that the sins of the world and the evil of the world had to be overcome.  They did not understand that their spirits were in far worse jeopardy than their physical tabernacles ever were.  If they had only understood, what would the result have been?  Of course I am speculating on what never could have been.  The Savior had to be betrayed and crucified by His people to fulfill the prophecies.  So even if more people had recognized Him, it would not have turned out any differently, it could not have.  Still, it is fun to speculate and wonder.  Until tomorrow.

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