Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Mount of Olives Will Cleave in Two

Today I read Zechariah 14 which contains several more prophecies of the Second Coming of Jesus.  Among all the prophecies there are few that I find more fascinating than these, that the Mount of Olives will split in half and physically move when the Savior puts His feet down upon it.  Just the imagery of such an event is fascinating to me.  Now, it is probably nothing like I imagine it to be in my mind, but still, to see a mountain move, in all the recorded scriptures there are only two men who have ever accomplished such a feat, Enoch and the Brother of Jared.  There may be others, but these are the two that are recorded in the scriptures. 

I also find it interesting about the living waters, or the spring of water that is to break through underneath the new temple to be built in Jerusalem and will heal the dead sea.  I don't know what it is, just everything about the prophecies concerning Jerusalem at the time of Jesus' second coming is fascinating to me.  But I have always been a fan of the magical and out of the ordinary.  Perhaps that explains it.  I certainly believe it will all happen, I just think it will be interesting to see is all.  Until tomorrow.

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