Friday, March 7, 2014

Built to Last

Today I read Haggai 1 where the Lord tells the Israelites, through Haggai that the time has come to build the temple anew.  I cannot even imagine building such great structures without modern techniques and how they were able to build such buildings.  It really is amazing how they worked together and by their own labors were able to build such things that have endured for milliennia.  Things like the Colosseum of Rome.  The Great Wall of China.  The Pyramids of Egypt.  These structures have stood for thousands of years.  It is much like the Salt Lake City Temple.  I think that building will stand until the end of time.  It too was built without modern techniques and machines to help.  It was all done by hand and took 40 years!  Perhaps because it was all done by hand, that is why the ancient cities and structures were so well built!  Perhaps our modern techniques are not so amazing after all.  Our buildings crumple after a few decades, our streets are in disrepair within a matter of months.  Perhaps there is much to be learned from the past and how they built their cities.  Until tomorrow.

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