Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nephi is Led by the Spirit

Today I read 1 Nephi 4 and I was interested in verse 6 where it says he was led by the Spirit.  Prior to today I had always assumed that Nephi meant that literally.  For example that he was walking along and the Spirit told him to turn left, etc.  However, today I don’t think that is the case.  The rest of the verse is very telling stating that he did not know before hand the things he would do.  I think Nephi was walking straight to Laban’s house but he did not know what he would say or do when he got there.  That is what I think he meant by being led by the Spirit.

I remember many times when I was a missionary I would be asked a question and would have no question how to answer it.  I would open my mouth and start talking, generally empathizing with the investigator or member I was speaking with and while I would be talking, I would suddenly know what I should say and what was the right thing for me to speak in order to help them.  This is what I think Nephi meant when he said he was led by the Spirit.  Perhaps I am mistaken though and Nephi really was told by the Spirit exactly where to go, but I don’t think so since the very next verse states that as he approached Laban’s house he saw Laban on the ground.  Nephi was absolutely full of the Spirit and knew how to rely on the Lord.  We can all take a good lesson from him in how we should act, especially when we have been given a direct order from the Lord.  Until tomorrow.

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