Saturday, March 8, 2014

Learn From the Past

Today I read Haggai 2 where the Lord speaks through Haggai and tries to help the priests and people understand that they are unclean before Him.  It is interesting that the priests would be so good at recognizing parts of the Law of Moses and what would make a person unclean, but they do not understand nor see the perversion of the people that is going on all around them as a whole.  It's almost like you can't see the forest through the trees.  They were so focused on the individual aspects of the law of Moses that they forgot to look at the purpose of the law and what it was meant to accomplish. 

The Nephites had the same problem if you will remember Abinadi's speech to King Noah's priests.  They thought that salvation came by the law of Moses and had to be taught by Abinadi that it was only meant to point the way to Christ.  Maybe I'm too harsh on the ancient Israelites though.  I have known about the Gospel my entire life and been brought up in the way of it and I still make mistakes.  Maybe I should be more understanding of their human weaknesses.  Then again, their frailties are recorded for us for a purpose.  I believe that purpose is to not repeat their mistakes.  We can be better than they were.  We have a correct understanding of God's character and as such we know how to please Him.  Let's not squander that knowledge.  Until tomorrow.

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